DACA – What to do about them?

I am a Conservative, a patriot, a disabled veteran who was willing, at one time, to give my life for my country. That willingness remains today. I would serve again if necessary and even at the risk of my life.

So, how do I feel about the children brought here by their parents?

This is my suggested solution:

Those children who graduated from high school and those who went on to graduate from college and have good jobs, pay taxes, and have stayed out of trouble should be allowed to stay. In no way are they citizens of the U.S., and they are not entitled to any benefits unless and until they become U.S. citizens.

However, those children who 1) dropped out of high school, 2) have any arrest record at all, 3) are not gainfully employed, and/or 4) are homeless should be deported. They are not contributing to the betterment of the U.S, not paying taxes, need to be deported. They are burdens upon our society, predators, and leeches. They have taken the benefits the U.S. has to offer and given nothing back.

That is how the decision should be made on who stays and who doesn’t. We don’t want troublemakers, bloodsuckers, transients, the homeless immigrants, and criminals.

If they can prove they have been good citizens with no arrests, are not behind on local, State, and Federal taxes, and have stayed out of trouble, I would say let them stay.

Allowing the latter group to stay is like saying to our citizens, “We will keep the bad people here, too, and if that means we have to take care of them and/or if that means they will commit crimes upon you, oh well. We, politicians, do not care about you citizens.  We only care about our politics and getting reelected.”

So, as a Conservative who deeply loves my country and signs all my emails with “God and Country Above All Things“, I am open enough to allow the “good” immigrants to stay.


Waving flag

God Bless America, the land that I love!



About Thomas C.

Disabled American Veteran, Conservative, divorced, animal lover, former professional photographer, undiscovered comic, Italian (and a romantic one, too).
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