Hello world!

Once a month I will add another post to my true story of my life as a Letter Carrier for the United States Postal Service. The story is already written. I completed a manuscript a few years ago, but decided not to publish at that time. Why? Because, as God is my witness, I received anonymous threats on my life if I were to publish the manuscript.

This may all seem like some dramatic movie script, but I swear to you, the corruption and intense racism within the USPS is a very real story. I was physically abused by a supervisor on the workroom floor, and I could have pressed charges and ended his career as a postal supervisor, but I did not want to ruin his career. I just wanted to be left alone to do my job. I gave Larry Hebron, the Lockhill-Selma Station Supervisor a break. This was in 1995. Instead of him being grateful that I did not end his career and life, he initiated a vendetta against me that followed me to every station I transferred to and continued by every supervisor and station manager in those stations.

In one station, I was elected as the Union Steward, which handles Union business between Management and Labor. In one case, five Letter Carriers did something stupid which violated Labor’s contract with Management. Three of those Letter Carriers were Hispanic and two were Caucasian. The Hispanics were punished more severely than the Caucasians, and I told the USPS that either all punishment was terminated and all their files, their personal files, were to be expunged of the infringement and punishment or I would take this matter to Memphis, TN, to be heard in a Federal court under charges of racism. The Postal Service, extremely angry with me, removed the entries in the personnel files and ended the punishment.

The fact that I was going to take the USPS to a Federal court, just angered Management even more about my being an employee of the Postal Service and following that incident, the persecution and conspiracies against me increased, even to the point of a Station Manager signing a document saying I was someplace that I wasn’t supposed to be and doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing, when I have eyewitnesses that confirm I was no where NEAR where this Station Manager said I was and, therefore, he perjured himself by falsifying a government (Federal) document. He PERJURED himself. Even though I provided the names of witnesses that swore I was not where I was accused of being nor doing what I was accused of doing, the Postal Service in San Antonio ignored my witnesses and pursued punishment against me anyway.

Yes, this is the truth. And this is not the only case of such harassment and persecution in the USPS. I have been in contact with postal employees all over the country via the Internet, and the stories they tell are horrific! The harassment, persecution, and racism is rampant in the USPS, coast to coast, but no one ever talks about the problem, so you, the Public, never hear about it. These matters are not spoken about because employees fear for their jobs and, yes, even their lives.

I am going to be 63 this year, and I really don’t give a damn anymore about what could happen to me for publishing this story for the world to read. The San Antonio Postal District ruined what could have been a good career and a good life for me, and people broke laws to persecute and harass me. I would like to see every one of them lose their pensions and even spend some time in a Federal prison, because I am not the ONLY one they persecuted and lied about. They have committed crimes for which they should be punished.

I have a few stories about Letter Carriers and Mail Handlers that did wrong, also. They, too, should be punished, but got away with it. What is so sad about this entire story is that this is the agency that handles United States mail, and the USPS pisses away money on extravagant high level meetings in exotic places for Postal Managers and other worthless expenditures. Just wait until you read the entire story.

Postal Inspectors? Did you say Postal Inspectors? They are as worthless as breasts on a bull. I went to the Postal Inspectors several times. In spite of one Postal Inspector supervisor telling me they have more INTERNAL problems than external ones, i.e., mail fraud, theft, etc, the Postal Inspectors did NOTHING–NOTHING–to investigate my claims that I was being persecuted, harassed and even once struck by Larry Hebron on a workroom floor. They did NOTHING! After I left the Postal Service, two Postal Inspectors came to my house. They wanted to come inside to speak to me, but I refused them entry, because they had no warrant, so they would have to speak to me outside. One of the Inspectors I knew well. He was a very nice Hispanic man. He knew I was no threat to anyone, but he received a claim by a Station Manager that she was afraid I was going to hurt her. Oh, believe me, reader, I really wanted to punch her lying, scheming face in, but I never verbalized that to anyone. The Inspector said he had to follow up on this bitch’s accusation (he did not use the word bitch–I did), but he knew I was no threat to anyone. He agreed though, that she was incompetent and was an example of the Peter Principle. She was an idiot, a liar, and a schemer.

So, after reading all this, if you are interested enough to continue reading my story, please sign up. That way when I update this site, you will be notified.

OH, and for all you Postal Management folks and the scumbags they might hire to shut down this site and, perhaps, put an end to me, as well, there are two complete copies of this story in two different places. If this site is shut down or anything happens to me, the two copies will to go the major news medias and the fact that anything suspicious might have happened to me might be just what is needed to finally bring the USPS and the people I mention in this story in front of Senators and Representatives in a Congressional Hearing to face the accusations and charges. So, it might be best to leave this site and me alone in hopes it all just fades away because no one took notice. Let the fire burn out. Don’t toss gasoline on it.

Have a good 2011, everyone.

About Thomas C.

Disabled American Veteran, Conservative, divorced, animal lover, former professional photographer, undiscovered comic, Italian (and a romantic one, too).
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  1. val nostdahl says:

    have you been on facebook? contact eric wattree..he would be interested in your subject matter.

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