I will admit I am a strong conservative stemming from my background, my service to my country, my loyalty to it, and the knowledge the U.S.A. is and will be for a long time the greatest country in recorded history.

Additionally, I am a 70% disabled Veteran who, if asked, would gladly serve my country again and again as long as there is breath in my lungs.

I did support President Trump for a long time, and if you research all he did for this country he did much for the betterment of it.

The state of our youth is absolutely pathetic. There are socialists who do not teach the history of our nation, why it became a nation, and why so many people have served it and died for it.

Instead, they teach B.S. lies about how great socialism is. Really? If so, why has it failed in every country it was ever instituted?

Moving on, it is also pathetic, humiliating that these past several generations are so much DUMBER than generations that preceded them.

I knew more in sixth grade than many, if not most, high school seniors know upon graduation. No longer must you PASS the requirements, schools GIFT diplomas to absolute morons in order to keep the federal funding coming in. Do not graduate a high enough percentage then the funding stops.

Although I supported President Trump and wanted a significant improvement in our education system, I’ve seen how Trump has been just stoking a fire, instigating a rebellion.

I am “ashamed” of his recent behavior. He did good in the past. But has just crumbled during the past year or so.

What happened at the Capitol building yesterday was nothing short of a revolt, an insurrection, a spark that, in the past, started wars in other countries and gave a breath of hope to those who want a civil war.

The Democrats tried absolutely everything in their book of tricks and pranks to remove Donald Trump as president. The Democrats are sneaky, scoundrels, the “party of treason”, and lean heavily toward socialism. I have no liking for liberals and/or Democrats. I despise them with a passion.

“. . .all the misfortunes of our nation has come to it through this so called party therefore beware of this party of treason.”

I STRONGLY dislike bleeding-heart liberals, Democrats, and immigrants who come here illegally and don’t give a damn about this country—wouldn’t spill a drop of blood for it, but come here just to GET what they can from it.

Yet, what happened yesterday is so very, very wrong in a number of ways.

I am not ashamed of who I am or what I stand for—but I AM ashamed of both President Trump and the “insurgents” who attacked the Capitol building yesterday.

I hope Biden will not take this country down the wrong road, down the road void of freedom, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the 2nd Amendment.

I am a member of the NRA and the owner of several firearms. It is my right to own them. If anyone wants to take them from me they will have to fight me for them, even kill me. I will not give them up willingly as the Germans did under Adolph Hitler.

Hitler wrote in his book, Mein Kampf, “To defeat a nation, first disarm its citizens.”

I took an oath when I enlisted to defend this nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic. There is no expiration date to that oath.

If you want someone who will willingly give his/her life in the defense of this country, I am one of the many who will.

God Bless America!

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The Grand Classic Cars

Today’s cars are nearly carbon copies of each other. The designers no longer have any imagination, no inspiration. In order to tell what kind of car you are looking at you have to get within 30 feet of it. They are cheaply built with plastic and aluminum, yet grossly overpriced. Obsolescence is built in and not built to last. The public is “wowed” by the electronics in the dash and overlook things like the drive train, ease of access, cost to repair, and frequency of repairs.

However, classic cars of the 50’s, 60’s, and, to some extent, the 70’s were beautiful, well made, built to last, and had style, personality, and panache. You could tell what kind of car it was from five city blocks away.

One of the classic cars I used to own was a 1955 Buick Roadmaster, and if I ran into a brick wall the wall would fall down with little damage to the car. The bumper was made of cast iron. The body was sheet metal, not aluminum, tin, or fiberglass.

I could pull a car under a shade tree and with plugs, condenser, points, and a timing light I could tune that sucker up so it purred when it cruised the roads. Today, you need ten thousand dollars worth of computer diagnostic equipment just to determine your timing belt has slipped.

Gimme the classics, and while you’re at it—gimme some way to go back in time. Not only were the cars a million times better than the cars today—our country was a million times better, too.

I offer you below photographs of some, just some, of the great American classic cars I remember seeing, riding in, and even owning. How I wish I owned one today.


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Supermax Prisons



I am not qualified to criticize the existence or the effectiveness of prisons, but as a member of society who has at one time worked as a Correctional Officer in a maximum security prison, I can and do offer this discussion below.


First off, I understand there are many reasons why people commit crimes. The crimes that involve victims who suffer injury and even death are the most heinous of all crimes. What I do not understand is why people commit those crimes.

Why is it a person wants to harm another person and enjoys harming people? What enjoyment can there possibly be? There is one reason I can understand the desire to hurt someone, and that reason is revenge for a loved one being harmed. That is a normal human emotion, however—in the Bible, it is written: “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.”

I believe in God. I believe in the second coming of Christ, the final judgment, and both Heaven and Hell. I believe God will be just in His judgment, and those He condemns to Hell and in the care of Satan will remain in Hell and suffer its torment for an eternity. Do you understand what eternity means? It means the torment, the suffering, the pain, agony, and punishment will never, never, never end. It is forever. It has no end.

Hell 01

With that in mind, is any crime worth the final punishment?

Let’s assume there is an inmate reading this or a former inmate or even someone who has committed a crime but has not yet been caught, prosecuted, and sentenced. I ask you, then, why did you commit your crime?

Were you too lazy to find a job? Did you find it easier to steal something from someone who earned what you stole than to earn it yourself?

Did you enjoy watching someone bleed, cry out in pain, beg you to stop? Did you enjoy watching someone die? What gave you the right to end a person’s life? It was their life, not yours. You did not give that person life, so you had no right to take it. We only get one life. Once you lose it you will never get another one. Once chance we have. ONE!

Whatever crime you committed, you had a choice not to commit that crime. So, why did you choose to commit it?

Did you commit a crime for money? I am not going to include a drug habit in this paragraph, so what was the reason you stole, you burglarized, you cheated, you scammed, you murdered? Because you were too lazy to earn whatever you stole on your own time with your own sweat and effort?

Okay, so now you are caught, prosecuted, and sentenced. You are sent to prison, and because you are a violent person who cannot refrain from hurting people, you find yourself in a supermax prison where you are in isolation in a ten-foot by eight-foot cell, locked up 23 hours a day and have no social interaction with anyone but Correctional Officers.

Then you complain about how unfair it is to be isolated in such a way. You call upon attorneys to sue the state in which you are imprisoned. You claim your mental soundness is at risk.

Answer this question: Who put you there?

No, it wasn’t a Correctional Officer or the State, or the Judge or attorney or anyone else.


There is no one to blame but you. You. You probably think of yourself as a man, a tough guy. No, you aren’t. You are not a man. You are a coward. You are a coward because you cannot admit to yourself that the problem is you. You do not have the courage to admit you are the problem. The problem is everyone else, right?

You probably think of yourself as a man, a tough guy. No, you aren’t. You are not a man. You are a coward. You are a coward because you cannot admit to yourself that the problem is you. You do not have the courage to admit to yourself that you are the problem. The problem is everyone else, right?

Let’s watch that silver back mountain gorilla kick the living s*** out of the zookeeper who foolishly got himself locked in the cage with the gorilla. The zookeeper is thrown, bounced, kicked, punched, stomped on, and eventually, the zookeeper is dead.

That gorilla just beat to a pulp that zookeeper. Now, is that gorilla a man? Is that enormous ape a man? No, he is still a gorilla.

Point: Kicking someone’s ass does not make you a man. Even a gorilla can kick someone’s ass. But the gorilla remains a gorilla.

So, what does it take to be a man? It takes what a gorilla doesn’t have, but you do—IF you can find it within yourself. It takes compassion, mercy, empathy, understanding of what you are and where you fit in this life.

Do you have those four things? Where are they?

Do you have the courage to apologize for the harm you did to others and be sincere? Can you feel the pain they feel? Can you see how wrong you were to commit your crime(s)?

What if those crimes were committed against you? How would you feel?

If you are in prison, any prison, and have complaints about being there or anything about how you are treated while there—who put you there? Who is responsible?


You are not going to be just plucked out of a crowd of people and shoved into a prison cell for the Hell of it. You are there because of what you DID. Had you not DONE it (whatever it was) you wouldn’t BE there. Now, would you?

When I was a Correctional Officer, some inmates told me there were good bosses and bad bosses, and I was a good boss. I didn’t have to threated inmates to do anything. All I had to do was tell them once.


Because I treated them with respect. I remember telling inmates, “I am just here to make sure you stay here. I am not here to make your life even worse than it already is.” I told them, “You know what the rules are, and as long as you obey the rules we won’t have a problem between us.”

One night as I was patrolling the main corridor of a prison, I overheard an argument between a Trustee and an Officer. I hurried over to that cell block and said, “Hey, hey! It’s two o’clock in the morning! What’s going on here?”

The officer told me the Trustee refused to wake up an inmate in a certain cell to tell him his cell restriction was over. It was the practice of the prison to wake up inmates in the middle of the night to give that notice. I don’t know why. It just was. The Officer was threatening to put the Trustee on report. I told the Officer to walk away for a few minutes and let me speak with the Trustee. The Officer complied.

The Trustee explained his reason for refusing, and I understood and told him so. Here was my solution:

“Listen, _____________, I understand you all work hard during the day, and you need your rest, so let’s do it this way. In order to pacify that Officer, go down to that cell and pretend you are waking up the inmate to give him the notice, but give me your solemn word you will tell him when he wakes up in the morning. Understand? I want your word on that.”

I showed that Trustee that I was willing to trust him. I was willing to take his word and that he would honor his word. He was a criminal. He committed a felony and was spending years in prison for his crime, but I was willing to trust him. I was willing to trust him as a man.

The Trustee did not disappoint me.

Later that morning, the Officer and I were in the Officers Quarters, and he wanted to fight me. He was angry!  He was also about 200 lbs, whereas I was about 150 lbs. He wanted to wrestle me, and he would have beat me, but I wanted to fist fight. What happened was he got me on the floor, but I was face down and tucked my arms in tight and wound up laughing almost uncontrollably while other officers watched. The attacking Officer finally gave up.

One last note about this: Inmates later told me privately if I wanted them to dish out some punishment to that Officer all I had to do was say the word. That was one helluva compliment coming from an inmate. I was quite flattered. Inmates were willing to go to bat for me and assault another Officer on my behalf. I replied, no, I did not want any harm to come to that officer. The matter was over and that was it. No harm ever came to that Officer.

You see, I could have chosen to put that Trustee on report. I could have allowed harm to come to that Officer, but harming other people is not the way to live one’s life.

I’ve never committed a crime, and there have been times in my life when I was dead broke, hungry, thirsty, and desperately needed money, but committing a crime would put me in jail and even prison. I could blame no one but myself for that. Any misfortune that came my way would be of my own doing and well deserved.

I made a choice. You can, too.   The question really is:

Are you man enough to make that same choice?

Who put you in prison?

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DACA – What to do about them?

I am a Conservative, a patriot, a disabled veteran who was willing, at one time, to give my life for my country. That willingness remains today. I would serve again if necessary and even at the risk of my life.

So, how do I feel about the children brought here by their parents?

This is my suggested solution:

Those children who graduated from high school and those who went on to graduate from college and have good jobs, pay taxes, and have stayed out of trouble should be allowed to stay. In no way are they citizens of the U.S., and they are not entitled to any benefits unless and until they become U.S. citizens.

However, those children who 1) dropped out of high school, 2) have any arrest record at all, 3) are not gainfully employed, and/or 4) are homeless should be deported. They are not contributing to the betterment of the U.S, not paying taxes, need to be deported. They are burdens upon our society, predators, and leeches. They have taken the benefits the U.S. has to offer and given nothing back.

That is how the decision should be made on who stays and who doesn’t. We don’t want troublemakers, bloodsuckers, transients, the homeless immigrants, and criminals.

If they can prove they have been good citizens with no arrests, are not behind on local, State, and Federal taxes, and have stayed out of trouble, I would say let them stay.

Allowing the latter group to stay is like saying to our citizens, “We will keep the bad people here, too, and if that means we have to take care of them and/or if that means they will commit crimes upon you, oh well. We, politicians, do not care about you citizens.  We only care about our politics and getting reelected.”

So, as a Conservative who deeply loves my country and signs all my emails with “God and Country Above All Things“, I am open enough to allow the “good” immigrants to stay.


Waving flag

God Bless America, the land that I love!



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Introduction to the USPS

Introduction to the U.S. Postal Service

In the early 1990’s, I drove trucks long haul across the United States carrying all sorts of items. You name it, I probably hauled it. One of my cargo deliveries was to a Post Office in Maryland. I had a trailer full of packages being shipped by the USPS. Most, if not all, of the packages contained radios, TV’s, and other electronics purchased from retailers & manufacturers. It need not be said, because it is understood, these packages needed to be handled carefully. Agreed? Well, not according to the USPS in general and a mail handler in particular.

I arrived at a distribution center in Baltimore, Maryland, and backed my trailer up to an open bay door at the loading/unloading docks. The 53 foot trailer was packed full from front to back and from floor to ceiling with packages. In order for me to reach the top at the ceiling, I looked in the warehouse for a ladder or step stool. A Black woman in a Postal uniform asked me what I was looking for. When I told her, she said I didn’t need anything like that. She would show me how the truck will be unloaded.

She pushed a conveyor belt up to the back of the trailer, climbed up on the edge of the conveyor and reached up to the top—and pulled down a number of packages that fell on the floor of the warehouse and end of the trailer, some spilling on the conveyor, but most missing. My jaw dropped in shock.

That’s electronic equipment,” I exclaimed! “You might have broken half of them, now!”

“If they don’t work, they’ll send ‘em back,” she said. There, reader, is the quintessential Postal Service worker attitude. She couldn’t care less about the packages, what was inside, or what she might have just broken.

Imagine the disappointment of the recipient. Their package, their order, has finally arrived, and they hurriedly open the package, perhaps to give as a gift or for themselves. If it was to be a gift, imagine the disappointment of the gift recipient and the giver when it is discovered the thing doesn’t work, and shaking it reveals some parts being flung about inside the item.

Now the people have to contact the seller, arrange to ship the item back, and wait, perhaps weeks, for a replacement to arrive. In addition to the loss in time, there is the financial loss to the seller and, subsequently, the manufacturer. All this loss of revenue and personal disappointment because some careless, unconcerned Postal worker didn’t have the integrity to handle the packages with care.

This attitude was also true inside the individual Post Offices, as I found out a few years later when I was hired as a Letter Carrier. There are basically three types of skills in a Post Office: the Letter Carrier, the Mail Handler, and the Postal Clerk. The public has more contact with the Letter Carriers than with the other two. The only time the public has contact with a Postal Clerk is when they have to do business at a window to ship or purchase items.

Rating these skills like a totem pole, the Letter Carrier, who has the most contact with the public and is an icon In the Postal Service, is at the bottom of the pole. Within the Postal Service, Letter Carriers are considered a necessary evil and are treated as such. Letter Carriers are the dogs, the slaves and are abused emotionally and, sometimes, physically, as was the case with me when I was employed as a Letter Carrier in San Antonio, Texas.

The remainder of this document is the true story of the appalling treatment I received, the corruption, the conspiracies, the lies, deception and the intense racism that is standard procedure within the San Antonio Postal District, and with the full knowledge and support of management all the way up to the Postmaster of San Antonio.

How mail is handled is also revealed in this document. Probably 95% of the population of the United States has no idea what goes on behind the walls of a Post Office. This document is meant to educate people about how terribly corrupt and inept the Postal Service really is.

I use real names, because I really don’t care what happens to me. Let the Postal Service sue me. Let the people I name in this document sue me. I really don’t care. What I do care about is exposing the truth about the Postal Service and the vendetta against me; even the conspiracy to remove me that included supervisors, station managers, area managers, even the Postmaster himself.

No, this is not a fictional story. It is the truth, and I have documents and eyewitnesses to support this story. Given how intense the conspiracy was against me, I even feared for my life after revealing that I was going to publish a book about my experience and naming names. I told supervisors, managers and at least one area manager that I was going to publish a document. I even informed the Postal Inspection service. I even met with an FBI agent in downtown San Antonio about a conspiracy within the San Antonio District, but the FBI agent referred me back to the Postal Inspectors, which is like telling a security guard about the iniquities of other security guards. The Postal Inspectors did nothing.

This story may seem incredulous to some, maybe even to many, but as God is my witness, this is a true story. If you know a Letter Carrier, ask him/her about their experiences. I have asked Postal employees all over the country by using the Internet. My story is not unique. I am only unique in having the courage to publish it to the world.

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Hello world!

Once a month I will add another post to my true story of my life as a Letter Carrier for the United States Postal Service. The story is already written. I completed a manuscript a few years ago, but decided not to publish at that time. Why? Because, as God is my witness, I received anonymous threats on my life if I were to publish the manuscript.

This may all seem like some dramatic movie script, but I swear to you, the corruption and intense racism within the USPS is a very real story. I was physically abused by a supervisor on the workroom floor, and I could have pressed charges and ended his career as a postal supervisor, but I did not want to ruin his career. I just wanted to be left alone to do my job. I gave Larry Hebron, the Lockhill-Selma Station Supervisor a break. This was in 1995. Instead of him being grateful that I did not end his career and life, he initiated a vendetta against me that followed me to every station I transferred to and continued by every supervisor and station manager in those stations.

In one station, I was elected as the Union Steward, which handles Union business between Management and Labor. In one case, five Letter Carriers did something stupid which violated Labor’s contract with Management. Three of those Letter Carriers were Hispanic and two were Caucasian. The Hispanics were punished more severely than the Caucasians, and I told the USPS that either all punishment was terminated and all their files, their personal files, were to be expunged of the infringement and punishment or I would take this matter to Memphis, TN, to be heard in a Federal court under charges of racism. The Postal Service, extremely angry with me, removed the entries in the personnel files and ended the punishment.

The fact that I was going to take the USPS to a Federal court, just angered Management even more about my being an employee of the Postal Service and following that incident, the persecution and conspiracies against me increased, even to the point of a Station Manager signing a document saying I was someplace that I wasn’t supposed to be and doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing, when I have eyewitnesses that confirm I was no where NEAR where this Station Manager said I was and, therefore, he perjured himself by falsifying a government (Federal) document. He PERJURED himself. Even though I provided the names of witnesses that swore I was not where I was accused of being nor doing what I was accused of doing, the Postal Service in San Antonio ignored my witnesses and pursued punishment against me anyway.

Yes, this is the truth. And this is not the only case of such harassment and persecution in the USPS. I have been in contact with postal employees all over the country via the Internet, and the stories they tell are horrific! The harassment, persecution, and racism is rampant in the USPS, coast to coast, but no one ever talks about the problem, so you, the Public, never hear about it. These matters are not spoken about because employees fear for their jobs and, yes, even their lives.

I am going to be 63 this year, and I really don’t give a damn anymore about what could happen to me for publishing this story for the world to read. The San Antonio Postal District ruined what could have been a good career and a good life for me, and people broke laws to persecute and harass me. I would like to see every one of them lose their pensions and even spend some time in a Federal prison, because I am not the ONLY one they persecuted and lied about. They have committed crimes for which they should be punished.

I have a few stories about Letter Carriers and Mail Handlers that did wrong, also. They, too, should be punished, but got away with it. What is so sad about this entire story is that this is the agency that handles United States mail, and the USPS pisses away money on extravagant high level meetings in exotic places for Postal Managers and other worthless expenditures. Just wait until you read the entire story.

Postal Inspectors? Did you say Postal Inspectors? They are as worthless as breasts on a bull. I went to the Postal Inspectors several times. In spite of one Postal Inspector supervisor telling me they have more INTERNAL problems than external ones, i.e., mail fraud, theft, etc, the Postal Inspectors did NOTHING–NOTHING–to investigate my claims that I was being persecuted, harassed and even once struck by Larry Hebron on a workroom floor. They did NOTHING! After I left the Postal Service, two Postal Inspectors came to my house. They wanted to come inside to speak to me, but I refused them entry, because they had no warrant, so they would have to speak to me outside. One of the Inspectors I knew well. He was a very nice Hispanic man. He knew I was no threat to anyone, but he received a claim by a Station Manager that she was afraid I was going to hurt her. Oh, believe me, reader, I really wanted to punch her lying, scheming face in, but I never verbalized that to anyone. The Inspector said he had to follow up on this bitch’s accusation (he did not use the word bitch–I did), but he knew I was no threat to anyone. He agreed though, that she was incompetent and was an example of the Peter Principle. She was an idiot, a liar, and a schemer.

So, after reading all this, if you are interested enough to continue reading my story, please sign up. That way when I update this site, you will be notified.

OH, and for all you Postal Management folks and the scumbags they might hire to shut down this site and, perhaps, put an end to me, as well, there are two complete copies of this story in two different places. If this site is shut down or anything happens to me, the two copies will to go the major news medias and the fact that anything suspicious might have happened to me might be just what is needed to finally bring the USPS and the people I mention in this story in front of Senators and Representatives in a Congressional Hearing to face the accusations and charges. So, it might be best to leave this site and me alone in hopes it all just fades away because no one took notice. Let the fire burn out. Don’t toss gasoline on it.

Have a good 2011, everyone.

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